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Caboose knows his train job21.06.2010 Humour
A different kind of Fatherīs Day17.05.2010 General
Adam and Eve converse with unborn Cain24.04.2011 Humour
Adam names the animals in the Garden of Eden30.01.2011 Humour
Animals in a Forest Deal with Problems with Human Community09.04.2013 Humour
Ants Witness Jesus' Resurrection03.04.2012 Humour
Ark building a daunting task16.10.2011 Humour
Bears are hyped up over honey25.10.2011 Humour
Bears Dream About and Discuss Violence in the Human Family05.09.2013 Humour
Best Friends Volunteer at Nursing Home05.08.2012 Humour
Bible memorization contest draws unenthusiastic response09.06.2010 Humour
Boy can't get enough of Christmas story06.12.2010 Christmas
Boy Dreams About Being Two of Jesus' Disciples24.09.2012 Humour
Boy encounters adventure at international zoo29.06.2011 Humour
Boy Wants to Help Teach Sunday School Class12.01.2013 Humour
Celebrate freedom on Independence Day28.06.2010 Humour
Celebrating chocolate on Valentine's Day18.01.2011 Humour
Children's Sunday School Class Bakes Valentine's Day Cake17.02.2013 Humour
Christian Author Says God Always Has Her Back30.09.2012 Humour
christian Meteorologists Gather for Special Retreat28.05.2013 Humour
Christian Newspaper Helps Pastor Celebrate Birthday Milestone08.07.2013 Humour
Church gets a new member30.08.2010 Humour
Church Mouse and Congregation All Love Cheese27.08.2013 Humour
Church's members share singing abilities25.09.2011 Humour
Circus elephant prays for wings30.05.2011 Humour
Community asked to share feelings about the Bible04.09.2011 Humour
Community Responds to Unusual Cornfield06.08.2013 Humour
Couple Begins Bible Reading Adventure20.01.2013 Humour
Couple prays for a son21.07.2010 Humour
Couple Serves as Church Custodians23.06.2013 Humour
Couple Thrilled About the Upcoming Birth of Their First Child11.06.2013 Humour
Daughter gets dad new study Bible for Father's Day09.05.2011 Humour
David depends on the Lord28.02.2011 Humour
Doctor writes unusual prescriptions15.08.2010 Humour
Don't forget to tell God Happy Father's Day23.05.2011 Humour
False Prophets Discuss Their Accuracy Rates07.10.2012 Humour
Family celebratesdifferent kind of Christmas20.12.2010 Christmas
Family discusses location of Christmas vacation15.11.2010 Christmas
Family ministers through Christmas fundraising efforts22.11.2010 Christmas
Family Plans Annual Picnic23.04.2013 Humour
Fish team up for recording project27.03.2011 Humour
Forest Residents Tackle Problem With Nearby Human Community02.04.2013 Humour
Four-year-old asks for sibling27.09.2010 Humour
Full-time surgeon begins part-time veterinary gig11.10.2010 Humour
Garden of Eden Teems With Animals20.09.2013 Humour
God calls young man to mission work18.07.2011 Humour
God Double Blesses Job24.06.2012 Humour
God gets Jonah's attention14.03.2011 Humour
God is Always Faithful29.11.2010 Humour
God Kicks Lucifer Out of Heaven23.07.2012 Humour
Grandfather, Grandson Make Big Plans06.07.2012 Humour
Grizzly Bear Hankers for Robin's Food01.04.2012 Humour
High School Freshman Discusses Plans for Future With His Dad01.07.2013 Humour
Holidays plan annual reunion13.12.2010 Christmas
Husband and His Wife Take Special Care in Naming Children23.10.2013 Humour
Husband surprises wife with special Mother's Day gift01.05.2011 Humour
It's never too early to pray07.02.2011 Humour
Jacob Makes Coat of Many Colors for Joseph21.07.2012 Humour
Jesus' resurrection: A perfect solution for all evil18.04.2011 Humour
Kid Wants to Become World's Best Dad23.04.2012 Humour
Kids accompany Santa on Christmas Eve trip27.12.2011 Christmas
Land of Rocks and Stones Holds Election27.10.2012 Humour
Make use of your trunk before buying a suitcase27.05.2010 Humour
Man embarks around the world walk for charity16.07.2011 Humour
Man Loses Valuable Coin18.03.2013 Humour
Man pursues career as shepherd18.10.2010 Humour
Marital bliss ends for Adam and Eve21.08.2011 Historical
Math Teacher drives students to excellence02.01.2011 General
Media Ministries Join Forces to Start New TV Outreach11.10.2013 Humour
Members of Christ's Church should use their talents24.01.2011 Humour
Milk is Important Physical and Spiritual Food31.08.2012 Humour
Moms and Dads Get No Time Off for Vacations and Holidays22.05.2013 Humour
Monetary units praise the Lord13.02.2011 Humour
Monkey Puppet Man Participates in VBS Programs15.07.2013 Humour
Months debate their importance08.08.2010 Christmas
Mouse wants to become church mouse15.09.2010 Humour
New airline promotes Christian ministry05.07.2010 Humour
New Year's Cruise Begins Couple's Missionary Career30.12.2012 Humour
Pastor and congregation thankful for blessings07.11.2010 Humour
Pastor befriends church mouse20.03.2011 Humour
Pastor Judges Beaches' Beauty Contest15.10.2012 Humour
Pastors discuss global warming27.07.2010 Humour
Pastor's Final Meeting with Deacons Takes the Cake09.08.2012 Humour
Pastor's mom starts breadmaking class25.10.2010 Humour
Pastor-Teacher conducts seminar on the Last Days11.07.2010 Humour
Prayer important tool in growing gigantic pumpkins02.10.2011 Humour
Reactions to Life Experiences Show Our Level of Joy07.08.2013 Humour
Reporter, interviewee decide to open Christmas-themed busines18.12.2011 Christmas
Robin family discusses baby bird's future21.02.2011 Humour
Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus Dream About Visiting Baby Jesus15.12.2012 Humour
Santa invites Father Time to special party27.12.2010 Humour
Satan acknowedges God as super terrorist18.09.2011 Humour
Seasonal Changes for Blades of Grass23.09.2013 Humour
Second grader listens closely to story of David and Goliath31.05.2010 Humour
Second-graders tackle career choices29.07.2010 General
Sometimes our sins affect others06.06.2011 General
Spiders witness Jesus' resurrection04.04.2011 Humour
Spring is in the air07.03.2011 Humour
Tame Horse Teaches Unbroken Horse the Ropes03.06.2013 Humour
Ten accepts role of God in Labor Day production04.08.2011 Humour
10-year-old boy dreams about being crucified11.04.2011 Humour
The Bi ble: A Book of Truth30.07.2013 Humour
There Are No Fairy Tales in God's Word31.10.2013 Humour
Traveling evangelist and wife love to drive28.08.2011 Humour
Triplets Open Amusement Park28.06.2012 Humour
Veterans Participate in July 4th Celebration01.07.2012 Humour
Walk ends with unusual observation04.10.2010 Humour
Woman is Anticipating Thanksgiving Day Baby Next November10.11.2012 Humour
Writer Decides to Pen New Bible16.06.2013 Humour
Young boy says grandfathers are miracles01.11.2010 Humour
Young Girl Asks Her Mother, 'Why is God Good?'10.02.2013 Humour
Young man discovers the right reasons to attend church08.10.2011 Humour
Young Man Wants to Join a Women's Bible Study17.03.2013 Humour
Youngster enjoys almost everything about church21.06.2011 Humour
Zero is very important number18.06.2010 Humour

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