Vadim Pryde

One-Way to madness, please.

Gloomy sunday afternoon,
the end is coming way too soon,
never I had sensed my fear
to fade away so awful, clear.
I have lost and I have found,
but what is left on burrial ground,
if hardly life’s enough to call,
once you slip you dare to fall.
But last time I have hit the floor,
I noticed there another door,
I never dared to step inside
but what if there’s nowhere to hide?
Is this door leading to my end?
Is it a gift by heaven sent?
Time to learn it, time to fly,
Icarus’ wings – just do or die!
Fire burning deep inside,
    (The door or me, not clear to see)
I don’t need a place to hide.
    (I will not run yet from myself, not yet, not yet, not yet..)
There is a glow within my mind,
    (Some will notice, some are too blind)
No ticking clock. Left it behind.
    (Where we go now you will not need eyes to see well)
Imprison they will me for this,
    (They will but you are more free than they possibly could ever be)
For I dared the snake to kiss.
    (Serpent's venom you will not dare to refuse)
As reason fades and logic dies,
    (You will not need them anymore!)
Emotions leaving wet my eyes.
    (Now that you understand the madness everything else makes sense)
Tears, glitter every colour, cheeks,
Once red they turned to white so weak.
I left behind what I did know,
What I have felt I did let go.      
    (And now they fear you)
But there I stand, I take a breath,
Knowing not for to laugh or cry.
Not anymore fear life or death,
There is no truth. It is a lie!
    (Listen to these voices.. just you listen to them!!!) 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Vadim Pryde.
Published on on 23.01.2006.




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