Paul Rudolf Uhl

Gretl Uhl

Meine Schwägerin und mein Bruder Sepp
wanderten 1953 in die USA aus. Er war
Schilehrer und Gretl, seine Frau eröffnete
ein Schlemmerlokal hoch in den Bergen.
Weltweite Prominenz gastierte dort !

Gretl Uhl
She came from the highest Alps of Germany
to the highest of Aspen Mountain
and became the Queen of Strudel…
Ode to Gretl:
Oh let us toast this mountain girl
Who strong of mind and blond of curl
Declines to sit around like glue
When there are wondrous things to do!
Her skiing: worth seeing!
Her baking: – world shaking
And so supreme
Her grand cuisine!
And under all – a heart of gold,
A zest for fun… a spirit bold…
But best of all along the way,
A super friend. – Hip, hip, horray! 



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Paul Rudolf Uhl.
Published on on 05.09.2015.




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