Carolin Schwab

Green is the colour of hope


Layin’ down

In the green green grass

Eyes closed

Darkness in your mind


Hope’s only in

the colour around you

but not for your own


no aim is focused

no idea what to do

and so you’re still

layin’ in the grass on the ground


green carpet

under your body


light to cover your soul

strawin’ your feelings


wind blowin’ into your face

coolin’ your emotions


until the end of  life

you’ll never be able

to cover yourself

the whole of you

with a blanket of faith


faith in yourself

trust in the world


and so everything

you have is

the missing of green

in your self-made land


and your land

it’s sinkin’ down

into the darkness

fillin’ your mind



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Carolin Schwab.
Published on on 14.05.2006.




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