Rolph David

D-Day! An Elegy For The Fallen

Upon Normandy's shores, a crimson tide,
Young hearts with courage, steadfast, tried,
Eighty years past, in dawn's early light,
They faced the storm, the tyrant's might.

Silent they lie where the poppies grow,
Their sacrifice, a solemn glow,
Lives cut short in youth’s bright flame,
For freedom's cause, an eternal claim.

Today we recall, with a heavy heart,
As war in Ukraine rends lives apart,
The quest for peace, an endless fight,
A plea for mercy in darkest night.

Their names now softly whispered, thin,
Each life, a promise lost within,
In Normandy's fields, they find their peace,
Their bravery and sacrifice won't ever cease.

The world once more just teeters on the edge,
Nations tremble, and their leaders pledge,
To honor the fallen, we must fast unite,
Injustice to challenge, and darkness to fight.

The cost of freedom, ever so high,
Paid with blood and tears that dry,
In their memory, we vow to strive,
To guard the peace and keep hope alive.

O fallen soldiers, hear our cry,
Your legacy will never die,
In hearts and minds, your story lives,
A light of courage that still gives.

Though the world is torn by strife,
Your sacrifice inspires life,
In Normandy's quiet, sacred ground,
The seed of peace, eternally found.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 06.06.2024.




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