Susanne Bruschke

Hellway down

Itīs not a far way for you,
life goes under.
You love your dirty friend alcohol
more than me.
I can see.
In your eyes is nothing anymore,
which could say me:
Iīm still by your side.
Forget me.
I donīt need a word from you.
Last week I saw
you was buying a machine gun
in a russian shop next to the subway station
afterwards you was walking through town.
For anyone else looking.
When the telephone rings at night,
I always think, it will be over soon
with you.
You stand up late at nights,
leaving the flat.
But I donīt sleep deep.
I lay then in our bed
with more than only one question.
Every day now an article in the newspaper,
about the last bloody days in our nice town,
people are frightened
mafia is out of control.
Violent men -
evereybody hates them.
My own husband belongs to these outlaws.
Itīs not easy for me, to look other people in face.
They could see, Iīm a coward,
contemptible, because of living together with a gangster.
What will our children feel,
when they must visit you in a prison?
You never waste a mind to this.
Hate you.
For destroying the future.
We could have together.
To have the power is so important for you.
But there is more.
Wake up.
Change right now.
Or it will be over and out.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Susanne Bruschke.
Published on on 02.04.2007.


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