Jessica O´Mullane

The Prom

The Prom
Dad...!!! Where are my new Shoes I Can’t find them anywhere!!!!!!!
Calm Down sweet heart ...!! we’ll Find them. All of a sudden Aden called to the Door.
Nicole are you ready..?? yes just 2 seconds. She comes down stairs Aden’s Gob smacked
Nicole’s dad warns aden to behave. When they arrive at the Prom every one is dancing and having a great time. Suddenly  Nicole’s ex Geoff arrives with Belle Adens ex .Out of nowhere a really loud sound was heard. It came from out the back of the hall. Aden ran to the back and so did Geoff. There in a car was jai ,Annie and Ruby .Then even one came out to help them. .Aden and Goeff got into a fight over the girls they were with at the Prom. Suddenly out of no where a car came Zooming towards the wall Boom There was a big loud BANG.  Everyone Rushed to the Scene.  Peter was in the car and his Wife Amanda. They were coming to collect Belle.
The Ambulance were called. They Brought Peter and Amanda to the Hospital. After an Hour they felt much better.  All the Teenagers headed Noah’s Bar they danced and had alot of FUN !!


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jessica O´Mullane.
Published on on 07.05.2009.


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