Meike Schrut

It are still my inspiration, but.....

I have become tired
a little bit only
but it has almost been sufficient
around a part of my words
to brake from.
It are a part of the reason
why I write
how I sometimes do it
too with pleasure.
Yes, also disrespectfully
almost I am already sorry
what I there written.
It is as if the master himself had
"She understands this
what I did, what I myself already for
wrong has considered? Then one may never again carry to me her words, her loose tongue should never again be to be seen in writing there!"
Of course I know the true reason
Still not
Also not to like advertisement
And to criticise this
If is for me no reason
Inspiration by picture and tone
To limit to me
I would only find this so ridiculously.
One may not call star him, master is so similar, nevertheless.
„Ideal friend of the quiet hours during the day and at night:
I saw you bending in that film about a boy
Uses quickly the hands and the mind for
What one can use just so in the worldwide net.
If the reality possibly shines
Thus this would be to be found not further bad also
You will have other worries
To think as about that after: „How I copy, how I put what in there.“
I never would become stupidity to you here - or also somewhere else! -
Subordinate, but announces (you will already find any way when required!)
Which of my opinions have interfered badly
How may one not see it there?!
I could write some line only because of that
Because I saw there how you spoke, the look lowered on
A manner,
as one knows them only from you
And as I love it,
it still may so sadly his.“



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 22.02.2010.


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