Marco Jativa

Memoirs of a soul without eyes

Memoirs of a soul without eyes 

Throughthe dark I see my soul
Though the stars I walk alone
I heard the wind blowing so hard
And I love itbecause it's partofmy past
Isee myself falling in the ground
That helps me to walk behind my mind
I feelthat the time they walk so fast
And waiting for my dreams come to life

I lose my mind in a big mistake
And I feel my heart broken again

I'm going crazy in this damn place
and I do not care if I have no friends

Listen the people talking so hard
And I know they want see me going mad
But they don’t know I am already mad
 They never hurt me Because in my madness I will stay strong


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Marco Jativa.
Published on on 15.11.2012.


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