Rufus Murry Jr

The Makings Of The Criminal Mind

4/13/2013                                                                           Written By;RMJ
                    So now I see, and I feel what other men feel,any convicti-
                ctions that they preach of forgiveness is fakeing,lieing about the
                truth,forgiveness is null.  This sociaty that we live in today,promote
                crime,nurtures,crime,through the advertisement of crime on prime
                time T.V.  24/24 or 24/7 crime is advertised on television.
                     The surpression that either goes throughcontinues to leave a
                impression in the mind that, they never let go of.  The continueous
                tormenting thoughts that this sociaty burdens a person with that da-
                mages that persons mind as long as he is reminded or constantly bo-
                thered by peers.
                     The burden that was left on anny convict, bothers him to no end.
                IT is said that for every man that goes to jail a woman is involved in
                the crime in some way, as is asked was it for silver or gold, or the
                company of a female?" What we think is a gift to man is now a tro
                ublesome burden" the woman.   WRITTEN BY; MR.RMJ.           



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rufus Murry Jr.
Published on on 13.04.2013.


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