Stefanie Haertel

Save me from this dream

Please drive me far away from here
to another place or city.
A new sight, breathe some fresh air.
Maybe too much to regret,
maybe nothing to regret.

Anyway, here are to many memories,
just look at the room of my childhood,
seems like I´m growing out of it.
Just walking down my old street,
it hurts, I feel like I missed the dream.

But maybe it just wasn´t to be...
maybe the dream wasn´t the right one for me.

I tried to hard,
it´s just not me.
I cannot stay in this situation anymore,
too deep goes the pain.
Known voices
calling for old, but unforgotten illusion.

Is it really me
you care for?
Because it seems
you´re pushing me into something,
changing me.
Why don´t you take me the way I am?
The whole, complete me,
the sad, happy, angry, overwhelming, beautiful me?
Nothing to regret,
just love me with patience,
you´ll recognize my grace.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Stefanie Haertel.
Published on on 05.06.2013.




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