Ivana Herrmann

One evening...

I sat at the edge of reality
watching what lies there beyond.
I dangled my legs and what I could see
cannot be described to the point.
What lies beyond reason
is not easy to tell,
some might say itís vision
and some that itís hell.
Some think itís the home of brilliancy,
some talk of the realm of madness;
some believe what you find there is marvels and glee
some speak of disaster and sadness.
But let me tell you people
whoíve never reached this brink,
what lies beyond is far from feeble
but mightier than you think.
Its world is infinite and splendid
itís weird and plain at the very same time
itís the place for things to fit
that are getting out of line.
Itís the zone of imagination,
illusion, everlasting dream
itís there that fantasy is waiting;
- nothing is as it might seem.
And while I sat there at this point
between those ever-changing spheres
I saw the two of them are joined
- up to the end of deathless years.

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Published on e-Stories.org on 02.02.2006.


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