Meike Schrut

Drama in the air

If an airplane starts, lands
If nothing is there a special with
One wants only
The fact that certainly it happens.
The time between start and landing
One can expel so variously himself:
Reading, eating, drinking, one strolls quietly around
To speak with this or that.
Can report only about me
(and who knows my kind:
Not only vicious words are present,
Attempts affectionately to be coarse a little softly,)
The way to the localities has me
Very much does not irritate.
A stewardess has hardly fascinated me.
I feel as a woman - in general -
To the men, nevertheless, linked.
The treasures what they do,
If there is commendable.
That woman?
How has she looked?
I may not know it any more.
Stewardesses as a rule nicely only are.
However, she was official in the air
Not for the pleasure.
When he got up
If I bet:
More than a women's pair of eyes
Was directed upon him.
Exaggerate again if I say:
„Visible angels also use airplanes
Their own wings function for fans
Only in the imagination.“
The press has word by word
And sometime get to know
How diverse the life in the air
Thus can proceed.
In my face only one smile
Quick originated.
Whether from pleasure now a drama
very much much later
Became or not:
She would have had to know how it can end.
Fantastically I do not call it.
Since there was absent:
„And if they have not died
If they love each other still today.“
With the love it is often too complicated.
What would have I wished her then?
She could keep the job.
What would in her history be then reason for envy?
Legend neither nor.
A woman who has to lose a little had lied they?
Their history has not surprised me personally very much.
I abstain from the praise and from the reprimand
„From and out“ can make furious.
And I?
When I found almost careful words
If this was also so basic-wrong.
What did I learn?
„Not to comment a little bit
Neither to find well nor badly
If this is not though
What easily falls to me.
But in future I will lie
If it is better for me - even more!
Since truth is for other people
Not very pleasantly
Truth hardly is useful to the person who remained lonesome



If one can call: from the row „resemblances to living people are without to any basis“
not from the life!



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 22.01.2010.


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