Nancy Holly



My mom was a terrier no breeding but she was my Mom. Dad was a real dog from across the tracks, a boxer named Rocky. Well he knocked up Mom and a few months later, me and my brothers came into the world. Not a big litter just 4 boys and me the bitch of the litter. Jake, Socks,  Bandit,  Dizzy & me SHILOH.  I had a normal puppy hood, till my owners put me and my brothers in a box and took me off to a kennel. The place was filled with all type of dogs. Trying to make friends was so hard most of the dogs were a lot older & bigger than me or they just wanted to jump on me. Well, I was there I think, for almost a year, it seems that humans want boys more than girls since they don't have to deal with a pregnant dog. DUH! learn to care for your furry friends and you won't have a problems.  One day I was take to smelly office where I was looking around and the next  minute I was waking up with my belly hurting. I'd lick the spot to make it feel better.  Found out later that Iíd never have puppies, because of that hurt.

Well, one day a woman came in and was looking for a dog,  she smelled nice, like she really liked dogs. She was talking to the owners. DidnĎt understand what was happing. She took Duke and Sam but didn't see me so I jumped up on her butt so she'd notice me. Well she did and I got to go to with Duke & Sam. We were taken outside the high wooden fence to see a old human in a truck, she smelled nice to. I knew these humans would make a nice family. I sure hoped theyíd  pick me. Boy,  I haven't been outside the high fence since I was brought here as a pup.  So much to see.

The old lady looked over all of us and didn't want Duke or Sam but she wanted ME. She held me so tight I thought I'd explode. I got a collar that jingled and a car ride. Got to hang my head out the window while I was in the old humans lap. It was awesome. It was a short drive to my new home.

Didn't care it was just nice  not have so many other dogs around me.  I was  taken out of the car and put in a fenced yard. I could see all the other yards and surrounding area. There were so many new smells and things to see. The younger woman got the old person out of the vehicle and in the yard. I found out the old lady couldn't walking she was in a chair that moved with wheels. I found out that was a wheelchair, she was sick for some reason.  The humans I learned were Nancy & Lorraine Holly. Nancy was the younger one. Everyone call the older one Holly or Mom.

We were going in  my new home. WHOA! the door opened out and out bounced a black horse twice my size. Found out it was Dakota a older black lab/dane mix. Told him about my family and  he said he would be my new brother.  He taught me when I could get on the couch and not get yelled at. When to sit at the dinning room table and get scraps. When not to bark at people and when to show my teeth like he did. He was real black so his white teeth showed up real good. Dakota was a big baby but he could scare the pants off of humans just by smiling. I got to go outside anytime I scratched the door, barked or look real sad when sitting by the door. Every thing was Ok till Dakota told me he was getting older and he his time was getting short. I really didn't understand what he meant. He told me he was going to die. I went to my bed and cried, he was my brother, my buddy, my best friend. Then one day he was taken for walk and he didn't come back, guess that was the end. I was so alone, no dog biscuit or snack helped. I just moped around the house.  Nancy sat with me and she cried too, she missed Dakota just as much as I did. So did Holly but she didnít let Nancy know. There would be no more smiles for the mailman.

Found out wheel chair wheels hurts when you get your tail or paw runs over. The chair moves if you  jump on it. So, I had to be careful when talking to Holly.   We had so much fun, but missed Dakota. Nancy left all day which left me with Holly. She petted & talked to me & a  bird  named Stormy. That bird talked and sang like a human , wish I could. Would tell Nancy & Holly how lonely I am.

Guess Nancy was lonely to. Cause one day in sprang a new dog. His name was Skootie. He was a wild man!  He ran from room to room bouncing and jumping on everything. I sniffed him and he sniffed me and we became friends.  I tried to tell him the secrets that Dakota told me but he wouldnít listen. He pulled on the chain when walking, wouldnít come when called. Plus he slept in the bed, your only allowed when you called up there. What was Skootie thinking?

We had a great time but something was wrong with Holly. Every so often strange men & woman would come in a big truck then Holly would go away for a few day. I remembered when Dakota told me he was going to die. Wonder if Holly was going to die.  The big truck showed up lots of times and one time Holly didnít come home. Nancy cried and cried but no matter how much Skootie and I tried to make her happy she just cried. A few days later a whole bunch of strange people came to the house. Me & Skootie were put outside. We always had the run of the house. What was happening? I laid down, but Skootie was determined to get in so he scratched the door and then some one opened the door and in he shot. I followed cause it was hot outside.  I heard a scream so I moved faster and in the living room Skootie was being the wild man. He
jumped in a ladies lap at full run and she didnĎt know he was coming. Everyone laughed and that when Nancy stopped crying. She still cries from time to time but so do I.

Nancy still kept disappearing after Holly died and I was alone with Stormy and Skootie. Skootie slept or looked out the window all day and Stormy just talked to herself.

A long time after  that, Nancy didnít disappear any more. She was home with me Skootie & Stormy all the time. We were happy. Nancy would talk and Iíd listed, Skootie slept.  He only listens when he wants to be petted.

Awhile later Nancy was putting stuff in black boxes. Found out they call it luggage.  Stormy was taken somewhere near. Cause I still could hear her but couldnít see her. Then one day Me & Skootie were taken to another house with another dog. Her name was Brandy. Nancy told us to be good? Nancy left did she die too. Brandyís house was nice but it wasnít my home. But I could sleep on the couch or the bed and there was food left out all day. Not like at my home when after you eat the bowl disappear. These people didnít tell us NO. The people there were nice too. It was Peter & Paula they took care of me & Skootie. I missed Nancy a lot but Paula kept telling me it was OK.  One day Nancy came back, I was so happy & Skootie wet himself ha ha. We all went back home and next thing I knew there was Stormy. The family was back together.  YEA one big happy family.

 A few months later Nancy came home with a funny box attached to the truck. It was a camper and we were going camping. Whats camping?   Found out it was going away from home and sleeping in the box. You got to smell different thing, see different thing and eat lots of stuff and go for long walks. Some times in the rain, I donít like that. Plus some times you met new dogs and people who always want to pet you and say your pretty. That was the best part. One time camping by the big river something happened. We were going out just like always when Nancy fell. Both Skootie and I just stood in the door of the camper. I was surprised Skootie didn't run. That's his thing to do. But we just stood there looking, not knowing what to do. Nancy was on the ground not saying a word. Finally Nancy called us and held us both. A few hours after than we were on our way home. Don't know why?

The happiest place on earth for me is beside home is a place called Walt Disney World.  Skootie, Nancy & I went there in a camper and I was surprised to see BeBe & Brandy there also. It was so much fun to have friends and so many trees around. Never met BeBe before. She was Brandyís new sister. Skootie liked the trees the most. You know how males are. In my memory this
was the best day ever. Nancy just hooked Skootie outside and it was my turn next. Skootie is always in a hurry so he always first. The door  to the camper was open and I just stood in the door awaiting  my turn and shock. A brown thing hopped across the opening. I wanted to run and get it. So even though I knew I was suppose to stay inside I shot out of the door & ran and ran . The brown thing was so fast  it turn left right bounced and the next minute I lost sight of it. I could hear Nancy yelling Shiloh, Shiloh. I never ran like that before. It was so great but I knew I was in trouble. I got lost but I heard Nancy so I followed her voice. I came back into the opening, puffing where she scolded me but then gave me such a big hug. Did I go wrong or right. Humans are so confusing.  

Nancy was excited I could tell. Didn't realize we were going on the longest trip of my life. Knew something was up when the parrot Stormy was in the car. That bird has never goes on the road with us before. Well one early morning we all got up and were on the way to?  It was a super long ride but Skootie kept looking out the windows and telling me what he saw and all the different smells that were out there. I donít look out the window like Skootie does, normally I just chill or sleep. Didn't under stand why it was getting cold. Nancy always had the cool air blowing but now it seems like the cold was coming from outside not inside. We made a lot of stops along the highway. Guess Nancy had to pee cause she always disappeared after Skootie & I did our business. Skootie thinks he's
macho when he scratches the grass after he goes. This ride was so long Skootie & I finally fell asleep which we never do. Well after it seemed hours we arrived and I jumped out. To my surprise there was the man that use to pet me all the time. His name was Bill and we were at his home in another state. Turned out to be S Carolina we drove through Georgia to get there. Boy it was cold and I got a beautiful red coat and so did Skootie. We both paraded around like we were royalty. Well this place is so different than our home. No fences so I could go where I wanted. I didn't have to be on a chain but Skootie does he's so crazy. He'll run till he drops. This home is so different it has a room where you can see outside all the time with no doors. A furry floor that me & Skootie had fun running and rubbing our back on. A big kitchen where Kim, Bill & Nancy
gave us lots of snick snacks. Well it was cold almost all the time and one day it was strange. Know my eyesight only see things in dark and light, or as the humans say black and white. Well one morning, the light was super cold and wet. I examined all the ground very closely. This only happened one day so don't know what it was. Skootie had a bigger problem. Most of the time when he lifted his leg to pee on a bush it moves. One day the bush pushed back & Skootie yelped. That was the same day the light was super cold. HUM wonder what it was and why the bush pushed back, was it mad at Skootie?  Each day weíd go for a long walk. My weight makes it hard, and I get tired fast. At the end of the road thereís a dog named Bucky. Heís nice but heís in a fence so we only can touch noses. One day there was a large dog in Bills back yard. Nancy called him Red but he said his name was Bluto. I really like Red and he like me. He gave me a kiss and we became friends. Red would come to see me & Nancy every day, sometimes more than once. We stayed at Bill house for a while. Then one day we were on the way home. Iíll miss Bucky & Red.  

I don't feel good. I'm drinking water like crazy. I drink a lot then I have to drink more. Plus I wet the floor when I was sleeping. I'm so sorry I didn't  mean it. It wasn't my fault, IĎve never wet the floor . Even when I was a puppy. Well Nancy finally notice
and we off in the car. Another ride? No to the Vet, I don't like this place. Had to stay there & Nancy left. Skootie likes the Vet but and I really don't know why? Nancy isn't happy I can tell.  A day later, Nancy came to get me. The Vet said I have diabetes. I don't know what diabetes is but I got it. Is that good? Found out its not good cause I get a needle twice a day and it kind-a of hurts. Some time I yelp cause it hurt so much. I'm loosing weight and feel better than I did before I got diabetes but don't like the needles. Plus I have to go to the Vet a lot. Hum, if I don't drink  water wonder if I'll have to have the needles. I get more food that I did before don't know why but I sure like that. Nancy has cut out my snick snacks and that I'm not happy about and neither is Skootie.  I hate to say it, but  I feel better.

Nancyís getting happy again. guess were going on a trip. Stormy is going too so it must be the long trip. Yup it was were back up the S Carolina cause were at Bill's house. I remember the funny grass smells and see him again. Plus there the funny smell at the back of the yard, I never did figure out what it was. There's also been a dog here recently. Wonder if Bill got a dog. It was a longer drive but I slept most of the time.  Iím going to settle in, get some water, sleep a bit. What its time for a walk already? OK. OH forgot I have a friend up her I have to see Bucky he lives at the bottom of the hill. Remember last time when I just sat at the top of the
hill I was to fat to walk down then back up again. This time I think I'll run. Bucky is a nice male plus he's kinda good looking for a dog. He's people are nice also.  I havenít seen Red, wonder where
he is. The dog that I smelled when I got her is a large St Bernard.
She skinny, sloppy, wet and stinks. Donít think her human takes care of her or loves her much  Nancy likes her and named her Swiss Miss.  We all walk down to Bucky some times.

Something is wrong? Nancy just called me and I ran to her and fell in a big gully. I never did that before. Plus my paw now hurts. Why is everything foggy. I don't under stand why I can't see. One minute Nancy is  in front of me the next she gone. Is she playing with me?  Just don't know. Nancy knows there something
wrong cause she only hold me like this when something bad is happening. She's crying and I'm trying to make her feel better but I know there's something wrong and I want to cry to.  
Is this what Dakota and Holly went through. Am I going to die.

Nancy & Bill are yelling at each other and I know Nancy isnít happy. We have taken more walks and she is talking to me & Skootie. Wish I could give her any answer. Well one day she started packing. Where were we going now. She woke us up earily and we were back in the car, Stormy to.  Were on the way back home per Skootie. I think Iíll do better there
I know my own home.

Long drive but weíre home again. I know my yard and the smells.
My sight is weird. I can see then I canít. Why is this happening?
My nose is getting sore cause I keep bumping into thing. I missed the back door coming in and I know where it is? One day Nancy moved all the furniture. That day I tried to move around by finally just laid in the dinning room. Kept bumping into all sorts of thing.
Nancy walked me around to show me where things were but it didnít help. Guess she knew cause the next day everything was where I knew it was. I was a lot happier and so was my nose. Its super hard to be a guard dog when I donít know which way to look. Skootie is no help, he takes off running and so do I but he knows where the fence is and I run into it. It hurts so I just stand in one spot and bark now.

Nancy is calling me & Skootie was told stay. Were going some where? Out of the house the sun feel good on my hips. They hurt some times. In to the car and off we go. Nancy always has water in the back and I know my way around the car. Short drive cause were already her. Donít know this area the smells are all different.
Going into a building and I know the smell now itís a doctors office. I donít like it here, Iím scared and Iím shaking. Nancy tries to calm me down. Ok into another area where there a lady talking.
Iím taken into another room and placed on a cold table. The lady is nice is talks to me and pets me. Ouch something was pushed in my butt. Iím being felt all over, strange the way this lady is petting me.
Ok that over can we go home. No some guy is taking me away. WHATíS going on? Heís standing behind me waiting. Waiting for what? Back inside and were ready to leave, yea. Leaving and ready to jump in the car cause I need a drink. What were going back again? Donít understand, Oh Nancy wants me to pee, OK.
Didnít know the man that stood behind me wanted me to pee so he could test it. Nancy got it and she put me back in the car and guess she took the pee to the doctor. She back and were on the way home thank you God. Did you know God is Dog backwards. Dog know that kinda stuff.

Well a number of months has gone by and my eyes are a lot worse
I can hardly see now and walk kinda sideways so I can see. I do better inside cause the sun makes it harder to see. I still get the needles but I feel ok I guess I just canít see and something Nancy calls me and I canít heard her. So she comes and gets me and walks me back to the house. Iím tired but donít want to leave Nancy alone.
Nancy has been going out and coming home with strange dog smells on her. All types of dog smells are on her. Hum? One day she left and come home with a DOG. Heís little, fast, smells good but canít see him clearly. Know heís got long whiskers cause they tickle when he kisses me. Nancy named him Sherlock. Heís funny, he eats then plays and runs around the house just like Skootie did when he was a pup. Skootie is  an old man now and just walks unless he has a chance to get out of the gate then heís gone in a flash.

Well this little dog is getting me to play tag and mouth fight. Its hard to play tag when he bumps me and runs. Runs to where? I canít see him or smell him unless he closer. So I run and bump
into things. We have so much fun. Havenít been to a doggie park in ages guess its because I canít see but I enjoy my yard and my dog friends Skootie, Sherlock, Marley & Mayra live next door and we
Rub noses. Nancy says BB lives behind us and Shakey lives across the street. Met Shakey once but never saw BB.

Things are getting real bad, I pee the bed and I donít do that.  I know Nancy isnít happy but she still loves me and give me hugs and kisses. Its hard for me to hear her thinks she talking quietly for some reason. Each day is harder on me and I think Nancy knows it
too cause Iím getting more hugs and kisses. Was out in the yard the other day and got lost, Iíve never done that before in my own yard.
Whatís going on.

Well last night, it was bad I had to drink, then pee, then drink. Then I had to throw up. I felt so bad and I had to keep waking up Nancy to let me out. Well I went out one time and Nancy had to come and
find me cause I was way in the back of the yard and didnít know where the house was. Iím so tired.   April 7 2010. This is the first date in my story cause its my death. Nancy gave me a great breakfast, but I still didnít feel good. I got a bath, towel dried then a  blowing thing Nancy always uses on herself. We went outside and she talked to me. I know she was upset cause she was crying.
Well she got my chain and we went to the car. I love riding but now its scary cause I can see and when she stopped I donít know it till I slide off the seat a bit. We went to the doctor I know those smells!!  Nancy hugged me and kissed me and told me to take care of Mom. The person took me to the back andÖÖ..

The end.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Nancy Holly.
Published on on 30.04.2010.


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