Jens Marquard



Don´t squabble about an apple,
that´s a bad level, don´t in a chapel,
you´d better peer for a pear,
share it, and some beer, thus you hinder tears,
Don´t get weary, share fruits like cherries,
once it may carry, you to get married,
now my babe feeds me with grapes,
I don´t want to escape,the being kept warm by tapes,

In Wimbledon it´s merry, drink champagne eat strawberries,
from there we´re in a hurry to quite see Andy Murray,
Now my son, get your lemons,
I´ll ever share fruits on, and there still are many tons,

There are so many tasty fruits, they´re valuable goods,
they´re giving you juice, they´re valuable food,
an apple makes you healthy and capable,
a pear is as sweet as it cheers,
a cherry gives you energy,
a grape makes you awake,
a strawberry you´ll eat voluntarily,
a lemon makes you strong,


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jens Marquard.
Published on on 13.05.2010.


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