Ray Boorman



We once burnt witches at the stake, how ignorant and cruel we were then,

we also thought that the world was flat, how foolish does that seem to us now?

Yet we were happy to follow like sheep, perhaps influenced by our elders and betters,

but an opinion is an opinion, one of which we all have, a free thought that we all possess

whether it be right or wrong, a thought that makes sense to us alone, putting our conscience at ease,

a process that makes us the individuals that we are, unless swayed by another.

How often in your life have you done something that you later regret?

Made a bad decision, sided with someone or something that you were not totally in agreement with?

If you were to have made that choice again, without any interference whatsoever, would it have been the same?
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Published on e-Stories.org on 04.03.2011.


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