Marco Jativa

my grandfather

See my nightmare in this place
See my heart broken again
My stars are going away
I can´t feel the space.
See my dreams fall again
See the rain is coming this day
And all the light is far away
Because of my pain
See my entire happiness drawn whit out care
See my rock making powder
I will not let this happen
To my all
See the empty room in myself
And will see his eyes crying again
I show you the way across my empty space
To be happy again
See the darkness is  going away
See his smile drawn again
I felt like I can fly because you are
Happy again
See my soul Hope you are well
Because you taught me to fight and to stay strong against all
Thank you for your advice I will keep them in my heart
They shall be my hope and you’re my sun….


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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Marco Jativa.
Published on on 22.10.2012.


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