Andreas Galambos

Season's greetings

Red velvet, wreaths of green,
golden spheres and twinkling light,
all colours can be seen
in the not-so-silent night!
Thick beards worn by thin men
(the adjectives may as well be swapped)
playing Santa. In the gardens
the lightings mutually being topped!
The air tastes like mulled wine,
wafers and cinnamon,
candied apples smell divine -
Advent season has begun.
With Christmas carols you are fed,
and Jesus child is for dessert!
We eat joy like gingerbread,
the masses make our stomachs hurt!
Peace and love for all the nation,
the brain is switched to "Christmas" mode
consumption giving us temptation,
while elsewhere bombs explode...
Will there be a season cease-fire
and no bombing legions?
Will the daily funeral pyre
halt in all war regions?
No deads on Christmas Eve, please!
Cancel war for just one day!
Tomorrow you may end the peace -
you may also maintain it all the way!
Please let Christmas bombs stay numb -
and also in Ramadan
and Rosh Hashanah it were welcome,
Easter, Yom Kippur and then
Christ would finally have reason
to celebrate his birthday!
Mankind would end war season
and give peace headway.
The mulled wine would taste doubly good,
the wafers tasted soft and sweet,
and religion no more like blood!
Christmas season? It could be so neat! 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Andreas Galambos.
Published on on 08.12.2005.


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