Nina Bade


London is a very pretty city,
if you have never been there it is a pity;

The traffic is not a nightmare
because one can breathe much fresh air;

Interesting sights are 'Big Ben'
and the 'Houses of Parliament';

Besides you should visit the 'Tower Bridge'
or the district of Kensington where the richs live;

Another nice target
is the area of 'Covent Garden';

Where you can enjoy a coffee
and maybe some delicious toffees;

In the end I recommend the 'Buckingham Palace'
of which many tourists are attracted;

London is my favourite town
all year round!

© Nina Bade

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Nina Bade.
Published on on 31.12.2023.



Bild von Nina Bade


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