New Poesie (english)

Titolo Autore:
Close-stoolsVolodymyr Knyr
The oldsVolodymyr Knyr
MockeryIrene Beddies
A human and a humanoidVolodymyr Knyr
On the Garden PathIrene Beddies
An expertVolodymyr Knyr
Sisyphus Volodymyr Knyr
A gangVolodymyr Knyr
Apes and grapesSven Eisenberger
German lullabySven Eisenberger
On what's behind-the-sceneVolodymyr Knyr
A patientVolodymyr Knyr
A peep-showVolodymyr Knyr
A check-lockVolodymyr Knyr
A sophisticated witVolodymyr Knyr
(M)oral lawsVolodymyr Knyr
Bitching and pitchingVolodymyr Knyr
Our (r)ageVolodymyr Knyr
Asses and classesVolodymyr Knyr
It failsVolodymyr Knyr
An unheated school Volodymyr Knyr
The nuclear ageVolodymyr Knyr
God and folk Volodymyr Knyr
A Spaniard and HispanicsVolodymyr Knyr
The sharpest eye and earVolodymyr Knyr
The highest topVolodymyr Knyr
ExtraveilsVolodymyr Knyr
Killer Smile RockyRobin Carretti
The coevalsVolodymyr Knyr
All Eyes C LipsRobin Carretti
A Jewish mealVolodymyr Knyr
In These DaysIrene Beddies
An escapistVolodymyr Knyr
A pedoVolodymyr Knyr
Living in a universe (An inner psychedelic songbook 9)Bernhard Pappe
No island, but.....Margret Silvester
A non-idolVolodymyr Knyr
EatingVolodymyr Knyr
Art fakesVolodymyr Knyr
FalloutVolodymyr Knyr
The same boxVolodymyr Knyr
A findVolodymyr Knyr
On who makes ends meetVolodymyr Knyr
In Sherwood ForestVolodymyr Knyr
A female figureVolodymyr Knyr
Frights Volodymyr Knyr
The Continuous ConvesationKat Mirabile
The least delicious partVolodymyr Knyr
I hate my brainKat Mirabile
There's no waffleVolodymyr Knyr
The best jobVolodymyr Knyr
A pacifistVolodymyr Knyr
Separate spheresSven Eisenberger
A heifer and a bull calfVolodymyr Knyr
The moving bodyVolodymyr Knyr
HAPPY CLOTHINGManlio Fabio Jurado Hernández
Gilded ageSven Eisenberger
An eel and a reelVolodymyr Knyr
Right loveVolodymyr Knyr
A thunder cloudVolodymyr Knyr
The pockets of ArmaniVolodymyr Knyr
Healing ElementsIrene Beddies
A rife strifeVolodymyr Knyr
I WANT TO KILL THAT TENANTManlio Fabio Jurado Hernández
On what disfigures figuresVolodymyr Knyr
The grandpaVolodymyr Knyr
ChangeJürgen Wagner
The lack of loreVolodymyr Knyr
Food as a sourceVolodymyr Knyr
Noses, diagnoses and prognosesVolodymyr Knyr
An aim and a fameVolodymyr Knyr
An ace and a faceVolodymyr Knyr
The worst of allVolodymyr Knyr
A stool and a toolVolodymyr Knyr
The dread of lightVolodymyr Knyr
Eve Volodymyr Knyr
A deaf daredevilVolodymyr Knyr
SteamingVolodymyr Knyr
The vocal localVolodymyr Knyr
The final dart (a dream)Inge Hoppe-Grabinger
An aimVolodymyr Knyr
The hot coffeesVolodymyr Knyr
A fartVolodymyr Knyr
A dum-dumVolodymyr Knyr
RelativitySven Eisenberger
The colour of historySven Eisenberger
On how to have a restVolodymyr Knyr
E V E R Y D A YMarlene Remen
I´ll remember youRamona Benouadah
The oppressedVolodymyr Knyr
Takes and mistakesVolodymyr Knyr
The breast and the restVolodymyr Knyr
On twittingVolodymyr Knyr
High TeaInge Hoppe-Grabinger
New Database
Quest orientationVolodymyr Knyr
extinctInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Welcome to fairs!Volodymyr Knyr
A dealVolodymyr Knyr
A bean-feast tableVolodymyr Knyr
The HerdEmmanuel Ramos
On who can be trickedVolodymyr Knyr
Some best aleVolodymyr Knyr
Let your heart flowJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
The scent of lairVolodymyr Knyr
New Design online!
A waste of airVolodymyr Knyr
Fairy-talesVolodymyr Knyr
The man's last restVolodymyr Knyr
A piece of ice-creamVolodymyr Knyr
BlindfoldedSven Eisenberger
A gangVolodymyr Knyr
CrawlingSven Eisenberger
Who makes the biggest wrongVolodymyr Knyr
The biggest treatVolodymyr Knyr
A damsel in distressVolodymyr Knyr
A cold (st)eelVolodymyr Knyr
WrittenJürgen Wagner
SnowIrene Beddies
A findVolodymyr Knyr
As fir(e)Volodymyr Knyr
MarriageIrene Beddies
Food on a trayVolodymyr Knyr
Sulamith's ApplesPatrick Rabe
Porto geeseVolodymyr Knyr
QuestionsIrene Beddies
Freude (Akrostichon/English)Jürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
A sole and a soulVolodymyr Knyr
Proud man at seaSven Eisenberger
Put in perspectiveSven Eisenberger
A leaderVolodymyr Knyr
H O P EMarlene Remen
An itchVolodymyr Knyr
In a bear's lairVolodymyr Knyr
The moral taintVolodymyr Knyr
Breath of HeavenJan Wendler
PassionistaSven Eisenberger
The finest placeVolodymyr Knyr
A bad adviceVolodymyr Knyr
ApologySven Eisenberger
Parental hubrisSven Eisenberger
Less curvy, more scurvyVolodymyr Knyr
English teacher in troubleSven Eisenberger
Sorry Morrissey!Sven Eisenberger
Racketeers and tearsVolodymyr Knyr
A glacier pinkInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Classes and glassesVolodymyr Knyr
A word in timeSven Eisenberger
Who´s that who?Sven Eisenberger
A beautiful liesVolodymyr Knyr
An assacheVolodymyr Knyr
Comparatively absentSven Eisenberger
Right girlsVolodymyr Knyr
Winter RainBernhard Pappe
A wormVolodymyr Knyr
Lips and slipsVolodymyr Knyr
An easinessVolodymyr Knyr
You fly with the angelsRamona Benouadah
Professorial glassesVolodymyr Knyr
The poorVolodymyr Knyr
A streetwiseVolodymyr Knyr
Sometimes the times are weirdInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Champagne and painVolodymyr Knyr
Ale and loveVolodymyr Knyr
Some aleVolodymyr Knyr
the man called riverNorman Möschter
Your IQVolodymyr Knyr
The Power of DarknessRamona Benouadah
EdenVolodymyr Knyr
An air raidVolodymyr Knyr
EveVolodymyr Knyr
The prisoner's paceVolodymyr Knyr
The grasp and the gaspVolodymyr Knyr
A sadistic poetasterVolodymyr Knyr
The peach and the speechVolodymyr Knyr
MissesVolodymyr Knyr
An old foolVolodymyr Knyr
Colours and Possibilities - An inner psychedelic songbook (8)Bernhard Pappe
On what a baby-kisser aye retailsVolodymyr Knyr
A common snailVolodymyr Knyr
Not a friendVolodymyr Knyr
Passion & InspirationHeidemarie Sattler
A leek and leakageVolodymyr Knyr
It's a snapVolodymyr Knyr
The skin peelVolodymyr Knyr
Cold MorningIrene Beddies
Berlin ReasonsBernhard Pappe
those -illionsInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Your gentle touch of melancholyBarbara Pellenz
Harvest MoonBernhard Pappe
Their secretIrene Beddies
Different ReactionsIrene Beddies
Too simpleJürgen Wagner
Approaching WintertimeIrene Beddies
A dameVolodymyr Knyr
Who goes to long restVolodymyr Knyr
T H E K E YMarlene Remen
I’m sitting – An inner psychedelic songbook (7)Bernhard Pappe
Tribute to Barack ObamaJürgen Wagner
HORIZONSTilman Otto Wagner
A pacifier worldBernhard Pappe
A Letter To Someone More Than Just A FriendJohanna Döttelmayer
Meeting animalsJürgen Wagner
OctoberIrene Beddies
Back and forthJürgen Wagner
Fall in my TownIrene Beddies
Soviet PoetIrene Beddies
ExhibitperversionismAlexander J. Scheuch
Last CryAlexander J. Scheuch
a doubtful sophistInge Hoppe-Grabinger
In a falling planeVolodymyr Knyr
An individualistVolodymyr Knyr
A tailVolodymyr Knyr
GoodbyeKarl Wiener
Fallen LoserAlexander J. Scheuch
Jean-Jacques RousseauInge Hoppe-Grabinger
A five minutes´ bluesBernhard Pappe
DisappointmentGerd Farber
Fire and DaoBernhard Pappe
Last verseJürgen Wagner
a sorceressInge Hoppe-Grabinger
We have to do the washing-up!Jürgen Wagner
The Blue Eye (Bilingüe Español-Inglés).Joel Fortunato Reyes Pérez
Weeping WillowMelody Joy Letford
TogetherJürgen Wagner
A Sufi StoryJürgen Wagner
The biggest treasure one can findJürgen Wagner
LiberationJürgen Wagner
Poet's HypeBernhard Pappe
´No one said, life was easy ...´Jürgen Wagner
TreesJürgen Wagner
World treeJürgen Wagner
The meaning of lifeJürgen Wagner
let me create somethingÉmilia Francine Rennart
Dualism and individualismVolodymyr Knyr
a polyglot minotaurInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Kisses and pisses (Temporarily a strange poem)Bernhard Pappe
The wayJürgen Wagner
L O V EMarlene Remen
SurrealisticBernhard Pappe
The biggest flawVolodymyr Knyr
Your BirthdayIrene Beddies
Forbidden EdenVolodymyr Knyr
MockeryIrene Beddies
You smashed my HeartIrene Beddies
For Wiebke, wherever she may be (Mit deutscher Übersetzung)Patrick Rabe
The LetterIrene Beddies
Subdued PassionIrene Beddies
Better FutureJan Wendler
St.Patrick´s Day (March l7th)Inge Hoppe-Grabinger
DisillusionIrene Beddies
Spring is comingHelga Edelsfeld
What did I do wrong?Irene Beddies
Spring SongIrene Beddies
Pi Day (3.14)Inge Hoppe-Grabinger
InvitationIrene Beddies
A DreamJan Wendler
Darkness of a wayHelga Edelsfeld
HealingJan Wendler
his fartsInge Hoppe-Grabinger
More or lessJürgen Wagner
Song for you (mit deutscher Übersetzung)Patrick Rabe
All in my phantasy (2)Bernhard Pappe
Limerick There was a young lady of FranceBernd-Peter Liegener
proskynesisInge Hoppe-Grabinger
watching old stonesInge Hoppe-Grabinger
The AngelSonali Roy
Sect Hopper (religion for noobs) (mit deutscher Übersetzung!)Patrick Rabe
Angels for youKlaus Thomanek
as dead as a DodoInge Hoppe-Grabinger
causalityInge Hoppe-Grabinger
heartbreakerInge Hoppe-Grabinger
The circle is closedBernhard Pappe
A very cold fishInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Snowman's SongIrene Beddies
FlamesMaddiie Vali
Who am I?Jennifer Daniel
Beautiful in loveTobias Funke
Such is LifeIrene Beddies
chilled to the boneInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Still a strong teamStefanie Haertel
Song for WikiLeaksJürgen Wagner
The MoonIrene Beddies
Play a blues for meBernhard Pappe
Being interestedInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Carried ...Manuela Nickel
Innocence and Landscape – An inner psychedelic songbook (6)Bernhard Pappe
between our shoesInge Hoppe-Grabinger
If God could see usManish Mehra
The Skeleton BluesBernhard Pappe
PurgatoryIrene Beddies
Gates Of ZionPatrick Rabe
It’s all about the PerspectiveJan Wendler
You warm the cockles of my heartInge Hoppe-Grabinger
A Prayer Wrapped In BluesPatrick Rabe
Old Mac Merkel had a farmAylin
IllusionIrene Beddies
At the MoleIrene Beddies
flashlight .........................Steven Bell
The secret is ...Inge Hoppe-Grabinger
Trochee's dream of becoming a dactylInge Hoppe-Grabinger
This is meMeike Schäfer
Just dependencyChristina Stößl
Gretl UhlPaul Rudolf Uhl
Go ByJohanna Döttelmayer
RecollectionIrene Beddies
Mind HotelBernhard Pappe
forgot languageDirk Till
StardustKarl Wiener
ManmachineOlaf Müller
Living in Jazz - An inner psychedelic songbook (5)Bernhard Pappe
MagiciansIrene Beddies
Under the Cottonwood TreeIrene Beddies
RitualsBernhard Pappe
William Blake‘s laughter - An inner psychedelic songbook (4)Bernhard Pappe
HungryBernhard Pappe
This Thing about HonestyJan Wendler
In the distanceNorman Möschter
I’ll find my songJan Wendler
CancerIrene Beddies
WatchwomanBernhard Pappe
you areInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Delayed GratificationSue Honig
Seasons in painJan Wendler
Bittersweet DreamJan Wendler
The miracle of a peonyInge Hoppe-Grabinger
The PartingIrene Beddies
On safari - The big fourJürgen Wagner
La bourgeoisie compradorVolodymyr Knyr
In the middle of the oceanInge Hoppe-Grabinger
ShineMeike Schäfer
Dream bucket challengeBernhard Pappe
GuiltyMarilyn Pérez Torres
Secret WishesIrene Beddies
Divine Hugs (Meditation)Bernhard Pappe
Poem XXIIIBrandon Balderas Rocha
no music - no more ?Inge Hoppe-Grabinger
The lie useMeike Schrut
In vain?Irene Beddies
a horse, a horse, a kingdom for a horseInge Hoppe-Grabinger
One tries itMeike Schrut
in a town that was so littleInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Sacrificing my heart to youJohanna Döttelmayer
ConformistlyMeike Schrut
SleeplessBernhard Pappe
that life is such a maze ...Inge Hoppe-Grabinger
The Change (a lovestory around a city)Johanna Döttelmayer
sunday nightNorman Möschter
I amJan Wendler
The circle breaksBernhard Pappe
RomanceIrene Beddies
Stars and Children IIAlexander J. Scheuch
Night DancerInge Hornisch
SundayIrene Beddies
Stars and ChildrenAlexander J. Scheuch
Walking In Everybody Else´s ShoesJohanna Döttelmayer
The lonely wolfBernhard Pappe
In the Trail of the WindInge Hornisch
You are my manStefanie Haertel
a hopeless romanticInge Hoppe-Grabinger
FreeJan Wendler
B E L I E V EMarlene Remen
No-GoIrene Beddies
God, Part lllPatrick Rabe
EncapsuladoDiego Salas Crespo
Sitting Bull in a forestBernhard Pappe
LOVE DRAGON BLUETilman Otto Wagner
Heavy Metal ExecutionLeandro Martinez
fragile bubblesInge Hoppe-Grabinger
A new dayAdalbert Nagele
EgoismKarl Wiener
ComposedIrene Beddies
All things happen - An inner psychedelic songbook (3)Bernhard Pappe
Dust of YearsIrene Beddies
No AnswerIrene Beddies
A turn is necessary - An inner psychedelic songbook (2)Bernhard Pappe
Live onStefanie Haertel
PatrioticInge Hoppe-Grabinger
QuestionsIrene Beddies
Things - almost forgottenIrene Beddies
PeyeInge Hoppe-Grabinger
The handkerchief treeInge Hoppe-Grabinger
ReasonsGodfrey Kedogo
13th birthdayJürgen Wagner
POEM ZERO / ZERO POEMTilman Otto Wagner
Pink Elephants - An inner psychedelic songbook (1)Bernhard Pappe
WhyJudith Stuppner
The Daily RoutineJan Wendler
Impatience – in front of spring timeBernhard Pappe
Without youIrene Beddies
HelloJan Wendler
Prince of BarknessLianna Fox
Gave it allJan Wendler
ImperishableIrene Beddies
55 heroesLeandro Martinez
Bird song - A short poemBernhard Pappe
Snow DancerInge Hornisch
SuspenseSue Honig
love and superstitionFrank Erureye
Rum in AmsterdamLianna Fox
to play the baffoonInge Hoppe-Grabinger
a new gnuInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Smile of a rainbowInge Hornisch
Winter AfternoonIrene Beddies
A Winter morningJürgen Wagner
Time is fading awayIrene Beddies
RetrospectSilwe Stoll
BeautyRafael Miranda Aguilar
Beautifully BrokenDae Victoria
CirceInge Hoppe-Grabinger
A little rain of Irish blessingsJürgen Wagner
Broken-wingedIrene Beddies
English to FrenchVolodymyr Knyr
Happiness...Avinash Chand
An English Shot - Word Bullets (2)Bernhard Pappe
Two Weeks I Was a Married ManLianna Fox
WHAT LIFEIrene-Danae Diamantis
Carpe diem !!Avinash Chand
Words... unsaidIrene Beddies
The Magic of BeginningIrene Beddies
Smiling Through WordsMaddiie Vali
An English Shot - Word Bullets (1)Bernhard Pappe
Opening upIrene Beddies
Prayer for a Happy New YearBernhard Pappe
Snow in the MeadowsIrene Beddies
A new king is bornBernhard Pappe
Hey Joe (An Homage to Joe Cocker)Bernhard Pappe
Christmas BluesBernhard Pappe
One CutSophia Pühl
To MorpheusIrene Beddies
MoonlightRay Beynon
OWL AND TOADRaymond Owen
Message in a bottle (Emotional rescue)Bernhard Pappe
Foggy timesMargret Silvester
Love is but dreamsIrene Beddies
white liesInge Hoppe-Grabinger
A disturbed world (In a sad moment)Bernhard Pappe
your smileTaiwo Oluwadamilare ojat
Summer wentIrene Beddies
no custardInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Why?Bernhard Pappe
DreamIrene Beddies
liquid grammarInge Hoppe-Grabinger
RulesBernhard Pappe Beddies
a gremlinInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Riding on WordsBernhard Pappe
DaydreamsIrene Beddies
Ballad of the Young Black Sheep (a grotesque story)Bernhard Pappe
pinky toesInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Autumn duty cycleBernhard Pappe
fatherNorman Möschter
Always on the wrong wayBernhard Pappe
Encourage YourselfDirk Schumacher
my friend the mayorNorman Möschter
Last SummerIrene Beddies
The InevitableAmn Dtta
AdviceIrene Beddies
Wasted?Bernhard Pappe
The unknown guyNorman Möschter
let goNorman Möschter
teitateitInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Hazy ShadesBernhard Pappe
ChampagneInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Butterfly in the hairInge Hornisch
Royal HuntingIrene Beddies
Riding on a rainbowBernhard Pappe
sweet girlNorman Möschter
CookieMarc Backhaus
Californian desertJürgen Wagner
ConsejosGiovanni Olivera
IvyRowan Chadwick
Love IsMaddiie Vali
ConvictionIrene Beddies
School DazeKaren Halloway
A pretty GodBernhard Pappe
The famous knight from BouillonInge Hoppe-Grabinger
ChildhoodEdmund Huditz
AphroditeInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Morning at the ShoreIrene Beddies
Successful youngstersChristiane Mielck-Retzdorff
dancing childrenNorman Möschter
Eternal ClownEdmund Huditz
We will overcomeIrene Beddies
On her DeathIrene Beddies
We wanted to treatIrene Beddies
In an early morning (poem of a moment)Bernhard Pappe
kind of loveNorman Möschter
The silent WayIrene Beddies
They are shootingNorman Möschter
Back to the NorthIrene Beddies
hubrisInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Fool's AddictionBernhard Pappe
Deep inside meKlaus Thomanek
It´s about youStefanie Haertel
Men of JusticeJoshua Akinwande
A Love...long time agoIrene Beddies
Milky SkiesAishabella Sheikh
OceanBernhard Pappe
Since you were goneIrene Beddies
My MirrorPaul Rudolf Uhl
The WalkKlaus Thomanek
A Bunch of FlowersIrene Beddies
black rosesNorman Möschter
Knight DexinCristel Macaraig
ZeitgeistRené Oberholzer
Storm is brewingIrene Beddies
All in my phantasyBernhard Pappe
Let it beIrene Beddies
Love means...Klaus Thomanek
Wedding Song (with german translation/ mit dt. Übersetzung)Patrick Rabe
Grey ButterflyInge Hornisch
my promiseNorman Möschter
Dark RedMaddiie Vali
I sing my songNorman Möschter
being alonePetya Ivanov
The winner takes it all (About a band contest)Bernhard Pappe
Something like homeStefanie Haertel
MorningIrene Beddies
Dark horse in a white shadowBernhard Pappe
One Last KissPetya Ivanov
Remember meMarlene Remen
UnisonKarl Wiener
My Gift to YouIrene Beddies
Empty-handedIrene Beddies
A love so deepChristina Dittwald
The EndingIrene Beddies
By my sidePatrick Rabe
UtøyaMargret Silvester
Begin to DreamKlaus Thomanek
Heart of stoneKlaus Meier
Dada’s unfinished poetry (An experiment)Bernhard Pappe
Jeanny's workPatrick Rabe
Stay and fightKlaus Meier
revellingNorman Möschter
A coloured RibbonIrene Beddies
FantasyOlli Tyynysniemi
A l w a y sMarlene Remen
Wandering MindBernhard Pappe
SpringtimeIrene Beddies
Here and nowPeter Ahlhorn
Why is itMaddiie Vali
crocodile tearsInge Hoppe-Grabinger
balloonInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Late remarkKlaus Meier
gratefulInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Juliette – A Homage to a Grand DameBernhard Pappe
Almost a prayer - or: What is my job?Margret Silvester
mirror mirrorNorman Möschter
VampireInge Hoppe-Grabinger
F r e e l i k e a b i r dMarlene Remen
Not only SunshineIrene Beddies
Growing oldIrene Beddies
HeartbeatsBernhard Pappe
If I knew by heart the primes (Primzahlen)Inge Hoppe-Grabinger
In the corner of a pillowInge Hoppe-Grabinger
HIHI, HUHU and HAHAInge Hoppe-Grabinger
The artistPatrick Rabe
Not any longerIrene Beddies
Music and HopeBernhard Pappe
Night RavenAnna Jansen
At the Back PorchIrene Beddies
The CircleBernhard Pappe
Frustrations I Could Have PreventedMaddiie Vali
Downfall of the cliffIrene Beddies
Dear JewelJoshua Akinwande
To a once beloved FriendIrene Beddies
springOliver Stefan
Prodigal DaughterKaren Halloway
Aura ConcienseNick Maatjes
Christmas at the ShoreIrene Beddies
sometimes I wishPeter Ahlhorn
In a death of a clownBernhard Pappe
LongingJürgen Wagner
C a n d l e o f H o p eMarlene Remen
UnexpectedJoseph Trance
The Father's JoyKaren Halloway
Day Starting (Another Word Game)Bernhard Pappe
EukalyptusIrene Beddies
Feet Back (Word Games)Bernhard Pappe
Rather go blindBernhard Pappe
When a blind man criesBernhard Pappe
Absurd Poem 2Bernhard Pappe
The Voices in My HeadMeggen Welch
boathouse seasonsIngo Baumgartner
An appreciation for ‚Cream’Jürgen Wagner
Absurd PoemBernhard Pappe
It seemsIrene Beddies
Without You [Escapism - Part 2]Johanna Döttelmayer
M e m o r y sMarlene Remen
See Me Dying HereDirk Schumacher
The best I knewDirk Schumacher
His Brother’s FlagDirk Schumacher
Near DeathIrene Beddies
Rancors against BankerJürgen Wagner
To know...Irene Beddies
DisengageMartina Hörmann
When Worlds CollideDirk Schumacher
A Darkness AwakesMarina Mura
Carry on!Dirk Schumacher
Call to the armsDirk Schumacher
Two verses dedicated to Eric ClaptonJürgen Wagner
The ToastIrene Beddies
Big Eyes, Big LiesMarina Mura
test empty fileFrank Erureye
Musical SelfKegan N.
SincerityJürgen Wagner
What it takes for you dreams to come true [Part 1 - Escapism]Johanna Döttelmayer
W i t h o u t y o uMarlene Remen
Wishful ThinkingIrene Beddies
To ParisIrene Beddies
God's Autism ClassroomJoseph Trance
Skies will always be full of fliesMarc Backhaus
FamiliarKegan N.
Forest of despairKegan N.
Items at the BeachIrene Beddies
Limerick on BeautyMarc Backhaus
Thunderstorm PaulMarc Backhaus
Summer - don't goChristina Dittwald
Carla the Sand WitchMarc Backhaus
Game of WordsMarc Backhaus
Night at the BayIrene Beddies
MemoriesIrene Beddies
The wallSteven Craft
limerickNorman Möschter
DefiancePeter Ahlhorn
FOR THIS THINGTilman Otto Wagner
I am here for loveMarc Backhaus
The Mysterious Game of ChessMarc Backhaus
A seed had been plantedPeter Ahlhorn
HuntingIrene Beddies
In every silent momentsMarlene Remen
Your dreamboatChristine Kapeller
To My Dream boySonali Roy
The BeesJürgen Wagner
POETIC TRUTHTilman Otto Wagner
A heavy nightJürgen Wagner
ParadiseIrene Beddies
barodiner prakkale (Bengali - On the eve of Christmas)Sonali Roy
My roseNorman Möschter
Another SummerIrene Beddies
M y f i r s t L o v e ( Songtext ? )Marlene Remen
About our earthMichael Krause-Blassl
The Magic CarpetIrene Beddies
This DistanceMaddiie Vali
The Order of the PopicornsMarc Backhaus
Can't sleep...Cindy Bansemer
Secret WealthIrene Beddies
SummertimeMaddiie Vali
picturesSteven Craft
A Story Forever ToldJohanna Döttelmayer
Amusements at the beachIrene Beddies
KrisMaddiie Vali
What IfJohanna Döttelmayer
crossing of a quaint tall seaNeven Dreyfuß
How Freedom Feels likeStefanie Haertel
To LoveRufus Murry Jr
Whenever I wanted...Irene Beddies
Die Stadt an drei FlüssenPaul Rudolf Uhl
MoondogWerner Kemper
Kunigunde and the VioletsWolfgang Steinmann
Another WindIrene Beddies
Save me from this dreamStefanie Haertel
A Fine RomanceWerner Kemper
My Friend RonIngrid E. Patrick
Empty roomStefanie Haertel
Farewell Ron WillemseIngrid E. Patrick
Changes are bitter nowIrene Beddies
Which town is it?Xuan Hy Nguyen
NERD vs. FLIRTJens Marquard
DifficultMaddiie Vali
ConsolationIrene Beddies
ForeverSteven Craft
PerspectiveMichael A. Fischer
Four elementsKarl Wiener
1:50 AMMaddiie Vali
I Like YouMaddiie Vali
You and IMaddiie Vali
I Remember the DayMaddiie Vali
In the Mediterranean SeaMaddiie Vali
A invisible love letterKarl Heinz Hastra
Believed in a FairytaleMaddiie Vali
Evening SkyIrene Beddies
A Love So Dearly MissedKegan N.
The Last Day of AprilMaddiie Vali
Because of LoveMaddiie Vali
Don't Tell Me Who I AmMaddiie Vali
Goodbye ConfusionMaddiie Vali
Smoke and MirrorsMaddiie Vali
America (U.S.A.)Jürgen Wagner
The happy death of bumble beesChristina Dittwald
IrisGillian Emerson
C Stands For CourageRay Boorman
LoveChristina Dittwald
PsychosisMaddiie Vali
Lesson on LoveIrene Beddies
DreamsMarlene Remen
Sound Of LifeAnna Jansen
Old Stones (Mary Anning)Inge Hoppe-Grabinger
Russian IconIrene Beddies
TenerifeIrene Beddies
Spring in TurkeyIrene Beddies
A bookwormInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Life's MissionJoseph Trance
SwordMike Arnold
TightropesKim Gray
ConsequencesMaddiie Vali
Beleave (Songtext)Marlene Remen
It´s not your faultStefanie Haertel
Back homeRachida Zoubid
Silent CallsIrene Beddies
Springtime LoveKaren Halloway
notions or emotionsInge Hoppe-Grabinger
A Voracious KnightInge Hoppe-Grabinger
MulhacénIrene Beddies
Inner strengthStefanie Haertel
Winter DayInge Hornisch
The Mead of PoetryM@rioSkript
Seagulls in the TownIrene Beddies
A True FriendIngrid E. Patrick
FinalityKegan N.
FebruaryIrene Beddies
Filling life with lifeStefanie Haertel
Daylight to MoonlightMaddiie Vali
WordsIrene Beddies
I´m fine, thanksStefanie Haertel
I remember last December IIILinda Röglin
I remember last December IILinda Röglin
1919Maddiie Vali
Once more at the LakeIrene Beddies
I remember last DecemberLinda Röglin
Military Intelligence, section SixInge Hoppe-Grabinger
This sound is dyingNorman Möschter
Her ConcernsIrene Beddies
Echo, echoes and rings of fireInge Hoppe-Grabinger
A ruseInge Hoppe-Grabinger
corpus christiSilwe Stoll
shrinks and kinksInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Gifted or not gifted - that´s the question ...?Inge Hoppe-Grabinger
The dragon's introductionChristina Thomas
A view of a winterwonderlandHelga Edelsfeld
Winter at the BeachIrene Beddies
See what you haveStefanie Haertel
full of funMaurizio Krüger
JanuaryIrene Beddies
I wanted...Irene Beddies
canceldLea Reich
My Mexican DreamRufus Murry Jr
YOU'RE THE ONE (mit Uebersetzung)Gabi Sicklinger
A special momentHelga Edelsfeld
Enemy InsidePatrick Rabe
The Way of LoveIrene Beddies
Sophistications MirrorM@rioSkript
Gallant & On the WholeM@rioSkript
TearsMaddiie Vali
Winter BlossomsIrene Beddies
Christmas EveIrene Beddies
ChristmasIrene Beddies
Night LightsJoseph Trance
For Me?Karen Halloway
A nearly commonplace TaleIrene Beddies
MyAllJoseph Trance
This dark afternoonIrene Beddies
FULL MOONJens Marquard
DecembernightIrene Beddies
You...Saanika Amembal
Spiritual v/s spiRITUALSaanika Amembal
Candidate for the King's New QueenOliver Baum
Fiery FingersIrene Beddies
Late FallIrene Beddies
Memoirs of a soul without eyesMarco Jativa
The BirdMarc Backhaus
Ode to BerlinOliver Baum
Refugee Children at the AirportIrene Beddies
WAY HOME (mit Uebersetzung)Gabi Sicklinger
The two LoversIrene Beddies
Insatiable DesireOliver Baum
Empty PromisesMaddiie Vali
Traces for eternityHelga Edelsfeld
we are outnumbered. odd-numbered.Anna-Luise Franke
SING NO SONG WITHOUT JOY (mit Uebersetzung)Gabi Sicklinger
Tale of RomanceIrene Beddies
WhenKlaus Meier
FriendshipIrene Beddies
FreeRufus Murry Jr
Fighting lonelinessStefanie Haertel
pearl open burnedFelix Abegg
my grandfatherMarco Jativa
FallIrene Beddies
The LeafIrene Beddies
To FateIrene Beddies
OMNIPRESENCE (mit Uebersetzung)Gabi Sicklinger
StutterickIngo Baumgartner
TogethernessJames Woods
Ode to FallIrene Beddies
UnreasonableIrene Beddies
When first we metIrene Beddies
Just a kidJames Woods
I stand before youJames Woods
ImaginationJames Woods
It was a PrivilegeJames Woods
ShipwreckedRafael De Dios García
NightIrene Beddies
Late Summer's DayIrene Beddies
My feelingsDaniel Dietze
SeptemberIrene Beddies
Second-hand LifeIrene Beddies
adventure in the rainAva Gaston
SpringSayani Nath
Farewell - James AllenIngrid E. Patrick
Night and ShadowsMax Cárdenas Mantilla
L I F ETilman Otto Wagner
High NoonIrene Beddies
IntentionIrene Beddies
EnoughIrene Beddies
I want to keep our love aliveStefanie Haertel
ALL I SEE....Ingrid E. Patrick
The Red ZoneJacob Bergner
Priceless StarsPeter Asige
The TalaiotsIrene Beddies
Addicted To Your SweetnessDorsey Baker
Along the BeachIrene Beddies
A Night OutsideKegan N.
First kissKarl Wiener
A part of your lifeStefanie Haertel
Happy in the rainHelga Edelsfeld
How?Joseph Trance
No Rainy ForecastDorsey Baker
The CrisisPaul Rudolf Uhl
My IslandIrene Beddies
Our BadJoseph Trance
Healthy FoodBhakti Nath Jha
HamburgIrene Beddies
Because He KnowsJoseph Trance
Night in MetropolisIrene Beddies
BeforeJoseph Trance
DarlingJennifer Daniel
Sea ResortIrene Beddies
Oh For The GloryJoseph Trance
PeaceIrene Beddies
The WavesIrene Beddies
CloudsIrene Beddies
JAMES ALLENIngrid E. Patrick
of manAlain Drouin
JuneIrene Beddies
ChildrenIrene Beddies
DreamsMichela Scavone
TouchSue Honig
TreasureMargret Silvester
WillingKlaus Meier
lentConny Kirsten
WaitKlaus Meier
EchoesIrene Beddies
Cloe Goes to RehabFergal Dunne
The Heart That Loves AgainJo Ann Shaw
Morning in MayIrene Beddies
inhale you pureFelix Abegg
Life means changeStefanie Haertel
New HorizonIrene Beddies
A Gourmet's JourneyIrene Beddies
But I just can´t make you love meStefanie Haertel
A birds taleHans Peter Strassl
Sweet and Sour MemoriesGata Daska Ibañez
Garden of Heart!!Kiran Kumar Bollam
On Christmas ClimateMarc Backhaus
ComeIrene Beddies
Mister Good-ThoughtStefanie Haertel
SurfIrene Beddies
Someone is thereArjun Popat
I will never say goodbyeStefanie Haertel
An Evening in CompanyIrene Beddies
WaitingIrene Beddies
A Quiet PlaceRufus Murry Jr
FAKEFergal Dunne
Spring stirs my BloodIrene Beddies
At the PondIrene Beddies
DAY and NIGHT´Joshua Akinwande
YOULivia Möckli
HE IS RISEN...Joshua Akinwande
In loveDaniel Dietze
Memories and Guardian AngelsNina Mallée
The DiceFergal Dunne
My Wheelchair ThrownRufus Murry Jr
MagicFergal Dunne
DelayIrene Beddies
Shoot Me DownFergal Dunne
No Eye,s To See WithRufus Murry Jr
To Every Not Want To BeRufus Murry Jr
The tree of lifeMig Marn
Before SundownOluwatosin SHIBA Aribo
Sworn To The BladeRufus Murry Jr
AprilIrene Beddies
My PoetryOluwatosin SHIBA Aribo
ALL I DOJoshua Akinwande
Mammy MarketOluwatosin SHIBA Aribo
Sweet Essence Of HomeRufus Murry Jr
Angel by my sideJana Doe
MarchIrene Beddies
Something about loveRené Marczynski
Notes in a DiaryIrene Beddies
RED MISTRay Boorman
EveningIrene Beddies
Your SmileIrene Beddies
YESTERDAY HAS GONE BY...Joshua Akinwande
Old AgeIrene Beddies
AloneRufus Murry Jr
With My False EyesUte Abele
Jungle SongIrene Beddies
Early Spring at the LakeIrene Beddies
Acrostiche pour HamidaSaid Chourar
For My FriendZul Ariffin
ThoughtsKathi (ICAT)
Alone with the windIrene Beddies
RemembranceIrene Beddies
Complete silenceIrene Beddies
100 StitchesPeter Jansen
Ask Beauty For NothingDorsey Baker
I, Me, Me and MineFergal Dunne
Handle with CareIrene Beddies
lost paradiseHans Witteborg
You Vs The StoneSeth Ewald
Simile (1)Lars Schmitt
live your lifeStefanie Haertel
Peak SoulNur-Viktoria Ellen Frings
Spring in the AirIrene Beddies
Limerick #2Marc Backhaus
A Slice Of The MoonNur-Viktoria Ellen Frings
This thing that I think ofLars Schmitt
Benjamin and his familyAmyutza Naulea
Your Magic ArtIrene Beddies
Big Yellow Cat's JourneyMarc Backhaus
Tender CorrespondenceIrene Beddies
The Fall of ManMarc Backhaus
Behind the garden tentMarc Backhaus
Limerick #1Marc Backhaus
Witching HourIrene Beddies
Prayer to AnyoneHans Witteborg
Away For Too LongLars Schmitt
The TitIngo Baumgartner
God of the InternetJoseph Trance
The Lake in WintertimeIrene Beddies
Thinking of YouIrene Beddies
New HomeIrene Beddies
Creating PoetryIrene Beddies
FarewellIrene Beddies
But I´ll never take this ring offStefanie Haertel
EnchantmentIrene Beddies
Adopted ChildIrene Beddies
At Lake WannseeWolfgang Steinmann
UncertaintyIrene Beddies
DespairIrene Beddies
BITING COLDJoshua Akinwande
PromiseIrene Beddies
Early-LateWolfgang Steinmann
Solitary BeachIrene Beddies
OneFergal Dunne
The invisible touchStefanie Haertel
Talking to MyselfMario Canto
The City I Live inMario Canto
New YearIrene Beddies
My Existence has to endMike Arnold
When You Think You Can'tJoseph Trance
I find a paradiseJörg Dahlbeck
WHY XMAS ?Ray Boorman
StillJoseph Trance
Against The Silent NightJoseph Trance
The Thane of EvenruudWolfgang Steinmann
Christmas TimeIrene Beddies
the flower and the sunKelly Agosto
Beginning of LoveIrene Beddies
Model JobBill Kamen
Truth and Illusion (A lesson for the soul)Fergal Dunne
LOVE DIDACTICSJoshua Akinwande
NovemberIrene Beddies
The SecretFergal Dunne
unforgivenConny Kirsten
hide&seekJana Doe
Fairy TaleIrene Beddies
Ere Winter ComesIrene Beddies