Hannah Hansen

The Vampire LADY

What should I do? She asked her self.



Slowly she looked around the corner and there she saw him.



A man lying bleeding on the floor of her own old house, with the face turned to her.



His shirt was all socked with blood.



His blood she realized; he was around 4 to 5 meters away from her.



But still she could see where the blood comes from, it was coming from his neck and slowly running down over his chest and there it was socked into his shirt.



But still the floor around him was just a mess, her carpet under and around him was full of his blood.



And she noticed it already know that she would not get it out anymore if more blood well get on it and dry.



So she slowly headed forward to him and the more near she was the smell of his blood gave her chills.



Well it was already a couple of days since she ate or drink something, she realized.



As she stood in front of him she could see in the dark that he was a really handsome man,



She kneeled in front of him and slowly she stroke over his cheek. At the moment she touched him his heart beat speeded up.






He noticed it already long that he wasn’t alone in the hallway anymore, but still he didn’t had the strength  do open up his eyes really.



But a he could see the shadow from someone because the light was coming from behind the person.



But he still didn’t open his eyes.



But every time he breathed the next time was even more breathtaking and painfully than the one before



It wasn’t at all helpful.



But than will he though that he felt something cold as ice go over his cheek.



He whimpers and at that moment the stroke stopped.



But than cold hands first touched him and than ice-cold arms went under his knees and under his back and slowly lifted him up.



He almost shouted because of pain. But still found a hold on him self.






She felt that she hurt him.



,, I m sorry, just hold on a second were almost there,’’ she told him, even though she was aware of it that he probably didn’t heard what she said.



She wasn’t used to it to go in a normal tempo, but because of the critical condition of the man she carried, she slowly walked up the stairs.



As she arrived at the  uppermost landing her ‘’patient’’  opened his eyes.






,,Oh my good, you’re the one who is carrying me?’’ he asked with a strong British accent.



He was so surprised that he first didn’t notice the beautiful face of the young girl.



Oh yes, she was a young girl.



But with breast like a big one does have. He felt them under his back while she press him against her chest.



She had long black curly hair and shiny purpled coloured eyes and her lips looked if they where waiting to be kissed by someone.



He greed for them like someone who dies of thirst greed for water.



,, Wait I’m to heav…,’’ he said but this few words caused him so much pain that he fainted again.






After she lay him down on  the bed she looked down on his sleeping face.



She noticed it that she needed to make a decision as soon as possible if she waited any longer he would die.



But she couldn’t make a decision not until her family was back home.



Her family? She asked herself. Who is that?



Can you call it a family if the 5 brothers you have never came home, and if just for a couple of hours or days.



She looked at him closer; he had shiny red hair which reached his shoulders, he had very clear-cut cheekbones, a strait nose and full lips.



And for the short moment he opened his eyes 10 minutes ago she noticed that he had eyes like molten amber with golden sparks in it.



She used her abilities to her his heart beat, and got a shook it almost didn’t beat anymore.



She said to her self he aint to die.



So she reached over him turned of the lights at his side and sat down by his side.



She thought about it to weak him up but than told herself that it will cause him more pain if he is awake.



She lowered her head to where the wound on his neck was and licked of his blood which was on his neck.



Then she made an effort to her self and sank her teeth deep in to his neck and suck so much blood out of him that she could not lose anymore time to convert him to one of the dammed ones.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Hannah Hansen.
Published on e-Stories.org on 04.05.2008.


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