Jürgen Wagner

Happy go lucky

In the rain, take a stroll
Beneath the stars, pitch your soul
Welcome the sun with open arms
Feel the magic of love's sweet charms

In times of need, pause to reflect
Let the silence you clear, your thoughts connect
Sometimes wake from slumber's keep
Take the next step, dreams to reap

Make a run or dive in the lake
Wander the woods with a mind awake
Lie upon the earth, feel, what you carries
Eat something new, snack a few berries

Savor the winds that softly blow
Witness the plants as they gradually grow
Consider your neighbor with kindness and care
Contemplate life, try its joys to share

Act with purpose, don't hesitate
On life's journey, navigate fate
Create, achieve, rise and soar
Practice, learn, gaze at stars galore

Listen to the melodies of a murmuring brook
Read a good and a challenging book
Dance and leap with boundless glee
Sing a song, let your spirit be free

Prefer to endure, not inflict harm
Listen well, be the calming balm
Choose to walk rather than race
Yet, at times, engage in a lively chase

Be courageous, take a hike through the night
Believe in yourself, in your inner might
Bless the earthly, where you stand
Embrace the world, love hand in hand


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Jürgen Wagner.
Published on e-Stories.org on 17.11.2023.



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Book by Jürgen Wagner:


Spiegelungen des Daseins: HImmel und Erde: Hommage an das Leben von Jürgen Wagner

Die Gedichte aus den Jahren 2013-16 erzählen von der ‚Hochzeit‘ von Himmel und Erde. Ob in der kraftgebenden Schärfe des Rettichs oder in der Vitalität der Jahrtausende schon lebenden Eibe, ob in der Weisheit alter Geschichten oder im Wunder der Liebe, ob in spirituellen Erfahrungen oder in den Weiten des Alls: überall begegnen sich Licht und Dunkel, oben und unten. Unsere gewohnte Alltagswelt bekommt etwas von ihrem wahren Glanz wieder, wenn wir uns ein Stück dafür öffnen.

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