Meike Schrut

Reflexion about the angel

Oh, I hope, "
see `in your country in your language
Rhymes and poems enough.
Since: DID I want you to read this? (In German?)?
Moved well
Must be translated?
The angel that I see how you "
To make home-made.
However, as a rule, angels are not just so simple:
They paint a picture of yourself,
They float in the light
Did you spot them quick with their eyes?
Now, never, no history, and also: Sorry!
You as an angel?
Really and clear?
No, would not that wonderful "for us.
The reality would turn to `n.
And it can happen `s, we see that we are in heaven right` n.
Why can not it?
For your soul
How can any female angels ... when?
If this is still uncertain, because
If you run your life
Begins for many, a great sadness. 20Fiennes.htm

PROMT translates all my texts from in German in in English as it reads in in English - for people whose language is English, unfortunately, there I have no influence, just as little like PROMT, there one finds out that there no guarantee is taken over, unfortunately. Can only hope that the sense of the sentences properly comes across and also is understood. Yes, there are no gay sentences, this was rather a fun, I have nothing against gays. English language gives a lot of pleasure to me only at the moment and how long this fun stops, I cannot say yet, many thanks to all readers!Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 05.09.2009.


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